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Things to do with teenagers!


With school holidays in full flow and three teenage children at home, this always begs the question in our household “What things are there to do with teenagers to keep them entertained and off screens?” During these holidays I decided to share my passion for melting glass with my teenage daughter.

I spent two fabulous mornings teaching her how to make glass beads … and what’s more she loved it!

You might be suprised that I’ve not already taught her, but (being the sensible motherly type that I am) I wanted to wait until I felt she was old enough (and responsible enough) to be working with hot glass and a torch flame.

Beginner glass bead made by a teenager

She started with a basic round bead with a few spots.

Then quickly progressed to pulling thin stringers of glass and making up a kind of pengin / bear bead.

First Penguin Bead

…. and then another one

First penguins

Not bad for a beginner I say!

Best of all we both had lots of fun and can’t wait to do it all again.

Result – one very happy, entertained teenager!

Now what to do with the boys …..?

What have you found to entertain your teenagers over the holidays?

P.S. If you’d like to spend a morning & some quality time with your teenager melting glass & making a bead or two do get in touch with me to book a session.