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Well I know I keep on about the Art Glass Bead Making Workshops that I have been running, but I thought today I’d tell you a little bit more about what we’ve been up to.

(You also get to see a photo of me wearing my less than glamorous safety glasses!)

There are so many ladies now who have come along to have a go at making glass beads with me and we really have had a LOT of fun.

I just wanted to share some of this with you.

I find it really hard to decide which is the best bit of a workshop. People arrive at the studio with no prior experience of working with glass, just a curiosity to find out more and to have a go. They leave just a few hours later with a real sense of achievement, some unique beads and often a resolve to come back at a later date to make some more.

Beginner admiring her -first-Bead

I just love the look of satisfaction on someone’s face when they make their first bead.

I’m calling this the ‘WOW’ moment – you know the moment when you step back to admire your work and say


If they’re anything like me they will have taken their beads home and shared this excitement with their friends and family.

Gorgeous Handmade Glass Beads

They have every right to be proud of the beads they make. How gorgeous are these beads which were made during one Workshop! I love how Mandi chose to stay with one colour scheme for all her beads. She now has a lovely set of her very own handmade beads.

Beginner Glass Beads

When I originally started running these workshops, the feedback I had was that I gave people too much choice of glass colours. Taking this on board I now lay out a set of glass colours for my students to use. Needless to say, as everybody is different, I now regularly have students who want to choose their own colours (or maybe they just don’t like the ones I’ve chosen!).

I have to say though, it’s great to see the combinations that they choose. The beads in the photo above are an example of a great choice of colours made by one of my students earlier this year – so bright and colourful!

Beginner Art Glass Beads

It’s interesting to see the different ideas that people have whilst working in the studio.

One lady was inspired by her daughter (who loves pink) to make this little character.

We named him Bob, but I guess her daughter will have decided on a different name for him now.

Beginner Glass Pendant Necklace

I would love to know what people do with the beads they make. One lady, who has attended a number of my workshops, had a great idea. She asked me if I could make her beads into pendants, which she then gave to her Mum and Mother-in-law as well received and very personal presents.

There are so many more stories that I could share with you, but I’m guessing you have probably got more important things to do with your life than to read through pages of me waffling on. I will just leave you with some of the feedback that I have received from some of those who have participated in my Workshops, which to me sums things up so well.

“I have to confess it’s the best gift my husband has given me :)”


“Having a fantastic time … making glass beads. Hilary is a fantastic teacher.”


“We had lots of fun. I think I need to do your course every quarter it’s good for the soul!”


I’m looking forward to running more workshops in the coming months and sharing the “WOW” moment with many more creative ladies.

Have a great weekend!



P.S. I will be publishing my next Workshop schedule very shortly on my Facebook page. If you’d like to take part keep an eye out for it there or get in touch to arrange your own private Workshop for you and your friends.