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Three Easy Methods for Cleaning Silver Jewellery


Let’s be honest cleaning silver is a pain! Silver jewellery is as we all know gorgeous to wear, but you have to admit it can be a pain to keep clean.

As a jewellery designer I seem to have spent a good few hours of my life cleaning silver. If I’m exhibiting at an event I clean all my jewellery beforehand to make sure it is looking its best. Equally, if someone has placed an order I will always make sure the piece of jewellery is clean and sparkling before I post it to my customer.

So as you can imagine I have spent more than my fair share of time cleaning silver jewellery and I share your pain!

Whilst cleaning silver is an inevitable part of my vocation, I’m assuming that you lead a busy life & really don’t have much time to spend (or indeed much enthusiasm for!) cleaning your silver jewellery. 

Over the years I’ve tested a number of different ways to clean silver, so today I thought I’d share some of them with you. Hopefully this will help to make things a little bit easier for you…

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