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Introducing the Jocale Design Gift Bag

We are all familiar with the expression that first impressions count. This naturally extends to gift giving. For most women opening a gift is very much a part of the experience. Somehow a beautifully packaged gift can create a great sense of anticipation and sets your expectations for what you are about to find inside. With this in mind, I have been considering for a long time how best to package your jewellery for you to allow you that brief moment of anticipation. Today I’m very excited to share with you the new Jocale Design silver jewellery gift bag!

Why New Packaging?

Up until now I have always packaged your jewellery in little black boxes (and indeed will continue to do so for the beaded lampwork designs). However, as my designs have moved increasingly towards higher end sterling silver jewellery, I felt my packaging needed upgrading to reflect the exceptional quality of this jewellery. I also have a sneaky feeling that many of you simply throw the box away as soon as you’ve opened it. In this day and age it seems much more fitting to package your silver jewellery in something that you will love & want to keep.

With this in mind, I have been on the lookout for high quality jewellery bags or boxes. I wanted them to be something that will not only become an enjoyable part of your gift experience, but that you will want to use again.

Something a Little Different

The easy option was to order some high end, yet mass produced, jewellery boxes or bags, which would no doubt have done a fine job. Sadly, these mainly seem to be available in black or white – both of which seemed a little unimaginative and really didn’t fit the Jocale Design ethos. As you have probably gathered by now I like to offer you something that is slightly different from the norm, and consequently these standard jewellery boxes felt a little too sterile and corporate.

This left me with only one option – to make the Jocale Design packaging myself!

The Final Design!

After much thought and research I’m now very excited to introduce you to the new Jocale Design silver jewellery gift bag. This is a stylish bag, very much in keeping with the Jocale Design ethos of being just that little bit different. I hope it will help to bring you that sense of anticipation as you unwrap your silver jewellery, whilst at the same time being something you will want to keep.Handmade Jewellery Packaging

All your silver jewellery will now come packaged in a gift bag like this – I do hope you will like it.

I will leave you with one question –

“What will you do with your bag once you’ve opened your jewellery?”

I would love to hear your thoughts.